Linc MATICS (AIS140)

LincMatics is an AIS140 complaint tracking device designed to meet Indian ITS regulation and operating conditions. It helps user to collect more data. User can study driver behaviour and Vehicle Health condition. Our advanced cloud computing and analytics technology facilitates much more useful reports to minimize the operating cost and down time.


Linc MATICS (AIS140) Features

  • Compliant to AIS 140 Standard
  • Emergency Alert generation system
  • Real-time tracking with GNSS.
  • Provision for IRNSS.
  • Input/Outputs
    • Two Analog Inputs
    • Four Digital Inputs
    • Two Digital outputs
  • Driver Behaviour Analysis with 3 Axis Accelerometer and 3 Axis Gyro meter (Can Monitor Harsh breaking, Cancelation and Rash Turing)
  • Battery Backup for 8 hours
  • RS232-Serial Port
  • Supports embedded SIM and Normal SIM
  • IP67 rated Enclosure
  • 128MB Internal Memory for storing More than 40000 Tracking records.
  • Internal GSM Antenna, Internal/External GPS Antenna
  • Operating Voltage is +9-35V
  • Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C.

LincMATICS is used for

  • 260x120


  • 260x120


  • 260x120